Resin Bound Surfaces Group Materials Ltd is a very successful business model and receives many enquiries from around the World each year.

We are always interested to hear form, suppliers, contractors, distributors and entrepreneurs form around the World who are interested in becoming agents, supplying the products and services Resin Bound Surfaces Group Materials Ltd provide in the UK.

All new associates will be required to carry a minimum level of stock which has a long shelf life. In return you receive full training, marketing assistance, technical support and onsite support when required.
If you would like to make an enquiry about becoming an overseas distributer please email :
Global Export

Resin Bound Surfaces Group Materials Ltd is now able to Export our resins to many countries around the World.

The resins we use are the most environmentally friendly polyurethane resins available in the UK. They are made from sustainable renewable biomass and are not considered hazardous for export. If you are interested in becoming the main distributer in the United States, Canada or France please email
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